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Company NameTariff Filing IDDescriptionDate FiledProposed Effective Date
Affiliated Technology Solutions, LLC TFS2016-00692 Tariff:     Application for authority to operate as a VoIP Provider in the state of Kentucky.

Affiliated_Technology_Letter.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
Affiliated_Technology_Support_Doc.pdf Support DocumentOriginal
Affiliated_Technology_Info_Form.pdf TariffOriginal

11/17/2016 11/18/2016
Atmos Energy Corporation TFS2017-00210 Tariff:     Atmos Energy Corporation - Kentucky Tariff No. 2, Fifteenth Revised Pages 4, 5, and 6

2017_00156_GCA_Order.pdf Support DocumentOriginal
KY_AEC_Sheet_No_04_06_2017_04_24.pdf TariffOriginal

4/24/2017 5/1/2017
Atmos Energy Corporation TFS2017-00211 Contract:     Contract in Case No. 2017-00035.

Atmos_2017-35_Contract.pdf ContractOriginal

4/24/2017 4/12/2017
Atmos Energy Corporation TFS2017-00212 Contract:     Contract in Case No. 2017-00035.

Atmos_2017-35_Contract2.pdf ContractOriginal

4/24/2017 4/12/2017
Bath County Water District TFS2017-00213 Tariff:     Rates per Order in Case No. 2017-00052. (PWA)

Bath_Tariff.pdf TariffOriginal

4/25/2017 2/15/2017
BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC dba AT&T Kentucky and AT&T Southeast TFS2017-00170 Tariff:     KY17-0023 - This filing adds language to existing Late Payment Charges for Residence specifying that the charge is applicable only to customer bills with a balance of $5 or more.

KY17-0023LatePaymentCharge4-15-17.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
KY-17-0023LatePaymentChargeThreshold4-15-17.pdf TariffOriginal

3/31/2017 4/15/2017
BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC dba AT&T Kentucky and AT&T Southeast TFS2017-00193 Tariff:     KY17-0025 - This filing reflects a new Cost Assessment Charge which will be used to recover ongoing costs associated with the administration of Local Number Portability.

KY17-0025CostAssessmentCharge4-20-17.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
KY-17-0025CostAssessmentCharge.pdf TariffOriginal

4/5/2017 4/20/2017
Big Sandy R.E.C.C. TFS2017-00166 Tariff:     Tariff Revisions for Qualified Cogeneration and Small Power Production Facilities.

Cover_Letter_CoGen_2017.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
Clean_CoGen_2017.pdf TariffOriginal
Marked_Up_CoGen_2017.pdf Support DocumentOriginal

3/31/2017 6/1/2017
Birch Communications of Kentucky, LLC TFS2017-00153 Tariff:     This filing adds Monthly Recurring charges to long distance customers only.

Readfirst_Birch_of_Kentucky_03_28_17.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
KY_Birch_of_Kentucky_03_28_17.pdf TariffOriginal

3/28/2017 3/28/2017
Birch Communications, Inc. TFS2017-00152 Tariff:     This filing increases the Monthly Recurring charge for long distance customers only.

Readfirst_KY_Birch_Telecom_03_28_17.pdf Cover LetterOriginal
KY_Birch_Comm_03_28_17.pdf TariffOriginal

3/28/2017 3/28/2017
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